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Oculus VisionTech is a cyber security company recognized as one of the leaders in forensic watermarking. Using patented technology, Oculus VisionTech creates systems for document and multimedia protection to combat tampering and digital piracy.

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DPS: Overview

The Cloud DPS is a system made to protect and authenticate digital documents from tampering. It is meant for documents at the end of the editing cycle.

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DPS: Industry Use Cases

Trying to decide if the Cloud-DPS is right for your company? Take a look at some cases of how other companies have used it.

DPS: Anti-Tampering Technology

Revolutionary Anti-Tampering

The Anti-Tampering Technology is the core technology in the DPS. Using proprietary forensic watermarking techniques developed by Oculus VisionTech, this technology creates multi-tiered protection for documents. The Anti-Tampering powers the protection and authentication functions of DPS.

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Testimonial: Twentieth Century Fox

"We’ve had experience using SmartMarks™ (imperceptible forensic watermarking technology) to assert our rights with good result. We have renegotiated and expanded our original contract, and look forward to incorporating new deployments within a number of our divisions, including international."

Heather Field Executive Director Information Technologies, Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC (FOX)

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