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Share Capital

as of June 2022

Stock Symbols 
CanadaOVT: TSX-V


EuropeUSF1: FSE
10 day Trading Average Canada25,000 shares/day
10 day Trading Average USA50,000 shares/day
Market Cap$22 Million (U.S.)
Shares Issued and Outstanding (1)
91.4 Million
Stock Options (2)
5.4 Million
Share Purchase Warrants (3)
4.9 Million
Performance Warrants (4)12.5 Million

Fully Diluted

114.2 Million
Insider Share Ownership28.62%
  1. Includes 5.6 million shares subject to Escrow Provisions
  2. Subject to Vesting Provisions
  3. Warrants Exercisable for a two-year period ending April 19, 2023 at a price of $1.00 Cdn. per share, subject to acceleration of expiry date if shares are equal to or greater than $2.50 for ten consecutive trading days.
  4. Performance Warrants exercisable for a five-year period, expiring June 4, 2025, subject to achievement of one of the following vesting provisions:
    • Achieving sales projections
    •  Listing on any National Securities Exchange registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission
    • Change of Control