as of October 2020

Stock Symbols
Canada OVT: TSX-V


Europe USF1: FSE
10 day Trading Average Canada 50,000 shares/day
10 day Trading Average USA 100,000 shares/day
Market Cap $26 Million (U.S.)
Shares Issued and Outstanding (1)
86.5 Million
Stock Options (2)
3.6 Million
Performance Warrants (3)
12.5 Million
Fully Diluted 91.6 Million
Insider Share Ownership 30.8%

  1. Includes 11.25 million shares subject to Escrow Provisions
  2. Subject to Vesting Provisions
  3. Performance Warrants exercisable for a five-year period, expiring June 4, 2025, subject to achievement of one of the following vesting provisions:
    • Achieving sales projections;
    • Listing on any National Securities Exchange registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission;
    • Change of Control