Oculus VisionTech Anti-Tampering Technology

The Anti-Tampering Technology is the core technology in the DPS. Using proprietary forensic watermarking techniques developed by Oculus VisionTech, this technology creates multi-tiered protection for documents. The Anti-Tampering powers the protection and authentication functions of DPS.

Features of the Anti-Tampering Technology

Imperceptible Forensic Watermarking: The Anti-Tampering technology watermarks documents both visually and non-visually. The non-visual watermarking occurs by converting all documents into image-based PDFs. The conversion is done through a powerful image processor that marks down key characteristics of the document that can be checked for authenticity. This form of watermarking allows for the smallest change in the document to be identified.

Visual Watermarks: All documents protected through DPS is visually watermarked with QR codes and company logos. There is a QR code that is placed at the bottom of every page that depicts the page numbers and a timestamp of the time of protection when scanned. There is also another QR code at the bottom of the document that shows the individual document code when scanned. These timestamps and code identifiers are used as added security for document users to ensure authenticity.

On-Board Master Document: The master document that hosts the key characteristics used to check authenticity is hosted within the PDF file, making it verifiable offline and online. By creating a completely autonomous verification system, DPS avoids any tampering that can occur during authentication through document interception.

Encryption: All documents protected through DPS are password protected and read only. Furthermore, protection can only be completed by verified users with proper credentials and system administrators. This first step of protection allows for control over document access from the protection to viewing.

Authentication: The state of the art authentication system within DPS can identify even the smallest changes to a document . The Anti-Tampering technology will notify users of any tampering that has occurred and show the exact location where the authentication has failed. This level of authentication gives users security and insight never before seen in anti-tampering software.