Cloud Document Protection System

Oculus VisionTech has developed Document Watermarking Protection technology that is provided as a Cloud service – Cloud DPS. The Cloud DPS is a system made to protect and authenticate digital documents from tampering. It is meant for documents at the end of the editing cycle.

The document tamper-proofing is done in two steps:

  • Watermarking creates a “protected copy”, which becomes the true master document. This master document is carried within the file so there is no need to use external sources for verification.
  • The authentication process can ascertain whether a document is protected and has not been tampered with by comparing to the protected copy.

Cloud DPS offers three document services from the Cloud:

  1. Protection – Accept any incoming document, watermark and return the watermarked
    document as an encrypted image-based PDF document
  2. Authenticate – Validate the authenticity of the protected documents
  3. Storage – Storage of the master protected document in a digital

Cloud DPS also creates Visible Watermarks (QR Codes)

  • Timestamps and Page Numbers
  • Psychological Inhibitor