Revolutionary DocuTrace Technology

DocuTrace technology converts documents into a specially structured PDF that is only viewable through a specific viewer. The viewing application will need to verify the users credentials and send a trace of the instance to the OVT server before the user can access the document. DocuTrace technology provides full trace of document access and viewings. This technology is built into the DPS and is an optional function for those seeking additional security of their documents. When used in conjunction with the Anti-Tampering technology in the DPS, documents protection becomes both a function of access and edits.

DocuTrace Features

Compatibility: DocuTrace is made to work with both Microsoft Word (.doc and .docx) and PDF documents, the two most popular digital document formats. It can also be used to trace photos in the JPG format.

Viewer App: The Oculus VisionTech Viewer App creates a private platform for viewing documents, giving the documents added security. The application reviews a selection of identifiers, including the Device-Id (MAC Address), Device-Platform (OS), and Timestamp, for full traceability. This creates a system where only authorized devices and users can access the document in any form.

Document Expiry: Document expiry can be included as part of DocuTrace. The document access is recorded for the lifetime of the document. After expiry occurs, the recordings are stopped and the document becomes not viewable. This allows document owners to disable more time sensitive documents when they are no longer useful.

Dynamic Access: DocuTrace technology allows document owners to change the parameters of access dynamically, even after the document has left their computer. Therefore, the depth of document access can change as business needs change. This includes adding and removing users of the document as well.

Powerful Functionality: When combined with the Anti-Tampering technology in the DPS, DocuTrace becomes an even more powerful cyber security tool. With both technologies working in conjunction, the document protection will include both an access functionality and a protection/authentication one.