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Vancouver, British Columbia, February 9, 2016:  Oculus VisionTech Inc. (the “Company” or “Oculus”) (TSX.V: OVT; OTCQB: OVTZ) is pleased to announce the successful completion of Alpha testing of its Cloud-based Document Protection System (“Cloud-DPS”) and the commencement of field trials.

The field stage of product testing will focus on the Cloud-DPS’s document protection features and will involve nationwide testing (in the United States) by a selected technology partner of Oculus.  For the field testing, Oculus will be interfacing its text-based document protection/security software into the technology partner’s Internet-centric software suite, which will initially be aimed at professional users in the legal services sector.  The primary goal of the testing will be to evaluate and confirm the document authentication robustness and tamper-proof feature’s resilience of the Cloud-DPS.

Tom Perovic, a director of the Company, who is overseeing the testing and launch of the Cloud-DPS stated, “The completion of Alpha testing of the Cloud-DPS – on time and on budget represents a significant milestone for Oculus.  We are excited about the commencement of field testing, which we expect will allow us to turn the Cloud-DPS into revenue-generating products for Oculus.”

New App

The Company is also pleased to announce a new mobile application (app) for Apple and Android devices.  The OculusVT app provides users with updates on the Company and allows users to connect and interact with the Company. The app is available for download on the Apple iTunes store and on the Google Play Store.

About the Oculus Cloud-DPS Technology
The Oculus Cloud-DPS is an Internet-centric, Cloud-based web service for document tamper-proof protection and authentication.  The first step is taking in a document in digital form, and protecting each page with advanced, forensic-grade, invisible watermarking algorithm, and returning an image-based protected PDF document.  The document is also encrypted to provide access control security.  In the second step, the Oculus Cloud-DPS document authentication feature takes in the protected PDF document and returns authentication results.  If the document was tampered with, the returned pages will highlight the tampered locations.  Cloud-DPS technology is intended to protect high value sealed documents against any malicious tampering or forgery.  Vertical target markets for high value documents have been identified as personal, real estate and corporate legal contracts, personal last wills, medical records, law enforcement records or financial institutions and government issued documents.  The following document formats are accepted by the Cloud-DPS:  *.doc, *.docx, *.xls, *.xlsx, *.xps, *.pdf, and *.jpg.

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About Oculus

Oculus designs and markets to business customers streaming video content distribution, and Internet Cloud-based digital document protection, based on embedded digital watermarking, as well as video-on-demand (VOD) systems, services and source-to-destination digital media delivery solutions that allow live or recorded digitized and compressed video to be transmitted through Internet, intranet, satellite or wireless connectivity.  The Company’s systems, services and delivery solutions include document, still image and motion video digital watermark solutions and documents, photographs (still image) and video content protection.  Learn more about Oculus at oculusvisiontech. com or follow us on Twitter and Facebook .


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